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So last night I spent the evening with my dear friend Amy (who by the way is leaving me and moving to VT) we were reviewing my logo options…yes I am getting an official logo for Stylish Patina:-) An old coworker of mine and wonderful artist is helping me pull it together she does great work!  I am using the European shopping bike in the logo design and Amy asked my “why?” since it didn’t have relevance to furniture or home decor.  In my mind I just picture all those cool old vintage bikes riding around Europe with little baskets for shopping and it makes me happy:-) She said “okay” 🙂  In the same sentence she says “what about a cool chair, you said yourself you love chairs!” I said “true but I’m kinda set on the bike” thinking in the back of my head did she have a point or should I go with something more neutral like a cool flower or something?  After all she named herself VP of Marketing for Stylish Patina…and we decided we need to have a shop in a Barn in Vermont…hmm then I thought of all the revisions I had worked on with Adina for the logo with the bike and said “forget it” I’m keeping the bike for now, it can always be refresh later”…plus I always imagined a little retail shop with a cool vintage bike parked outside the shop….so the bike stays!  I will reveal the new logo next week once it is finalize…step 2 is a new blog/website layout that will be coming a little later..I do have a real job too I need to work on:-)
So I designated today and tomorrow as shopping days for the upcoming tag sale at my house on June 24th and 25th.  I have been selling lots of stuff so I needed to find some goodies.  This can actually be the hard part when you have a deadline…even my husband said last night “yeah you just need to buy the cool stuff when you find it b/c it may not always be there when you need it.”  See even hubby is coming around to the new business:-)  So after Amy and I had the “chair vs. bike debate” last night I went out and bought 4 chairs today!  LOL I must be channeling my chairs (I am also a table girl:-) barn tables are my fav!).  Any way they don’t look like much now but I could just picture them all gussied up with pretty fabric and painted arms and legs….now I don’t know if I will have time to do them by the tag sale so either they will be sold as a project for someone else or I’ll find time to work on them.  I have all of that Fab Serena & Lily fabric that I am dying to use!
I also found a STEAL today lets just say I almost felt bad what a good deal it was…a dresser and side table, no pics today but maybe tomorrow:-)  Okay well that’s all for now …here are some pics of my new finds…yes there is a cool old typewriter in there too!!!
 The day of chairs
I’ve been looking for one of these forever!  To sell of keep I don’t know??
One of my new projects but not my steal of the day 🙂  Stay tuned for that one…
Have a wonderful weekend!
P.S. This is my Stylish Patina bike 🙂 I’d like a few flowers in the basket but not sure we will get that this time:-)

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  1. Martha at Authentica says:

    Love the Logo!!! Maybe you could use your business name as flowers in the basket…kinda tumbling out the front…you guys did a great job! Glad you kept the bike! 🙂

    Can't wait to see your "deals"!

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