The husband busted me!

Yesterday I was I leaving a little shop where I found a few new goodies and I thought to myself “I can’t wait to write a post about this!  My blog will be the place that I can share all my new finds w/o my husband finding out about every little thing I buy.”  Yeah right!  Last night J came home and he was reading upstairs while I worked in the office.  I went up to see what he was up to and all of a sudden he starts recalling my Stylish Patina post for the day!  Ut oh…I’m in trouble…..he laughed but still I was thinking “so much for the blog being my confession booth:-)”.  Well honey is you are reading today this is what I bought yesterday…I love you!
 I love old school enamel …can’t you tell 🙂
 This is think was an old army issued desk chair I just love it and it’s in great shape!
A close up of my goodies.  An old english tea pot, english gray boat and my enamel loves.
So this find made me giddy! The top two fabrics are by Serena & Lily, I found out about them online and just loved their stuff but it was way to pricey for me (I am cheap:-). I found these two in the remnant section and swooped in!  I just love them…have no idea what I’ll be doing with them yet but they had to be mine.
It’s a hot one here in Virginia…stay cool! If you are interested in any of the above items email me at or check out my Etsy Shop.

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