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Good morning!  Well I got out of bed this morning and it felt like upstate NY nice a crisp so I went for a RUN!  Now for those of you that don’t know me you think “good for you” …if you know me personally you are saying “it’s about time slacker!”.  I normally consider myself a pretty avid runner.  I got my weim puppy specifically as a running buddy and I’ve trained for at least 4 marathons but only run 2 due to injuries in the later stages of my training. 

Normally on a Saturday at 6am in the summer I am getting up and having coffee before I start my long run with the DC Road Runner group by the Iwo Memorial. Needless to say for many reason I have become a major slacker over the past 6 months.  I’m hoping today is the start of be getting back to being a “runner” again.

  Rai my running buddy a 6 year old Weim that has run up to 20 miles with me when training!
So I was just talking to someone the other day at the shop and I think one of the main things I can pass along to people if they are looking to do this either for themselves or as a little business is you don’t need all the fancy equipment.  When I started I ended up buying a large paint sprayer thinking it would be better/faster.  It is in some ways BUT it’s messy and a pain to change the paint color so if you are goin with an all white theme then go for it!  But for me I found out I prefer to hand paint then I can be more creative with the colors.
As far as the sander goes…I did buy an electric sander and it wasn’t that expensive.  If I need to sand a large table or something before painting it is helpful but for my distressing I actually pefer to do that by hand as well.  It’s part of the creative process for me:-) 
So those or my couple of thoughts for you today!


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2 Responses to Running & Newbie Insights

  1. Anna See says:

    Thanks for the advice. Off to Lucketts on Monday for my first chalk paint. Do you use their wax, too, or would the minwax wax/paste I already have work just as well? Any advice would be helpful. 🙂

  2. Stylish Patina says:

    I use the dark minwax and then johnson's wax for the clear:-) I am hoping to become a stockist for Annie Sloans paints so maybe you'll be able to buy it at Stifel & Capra soon!!!

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