Weekend Recap!

I have not been blogging the last couple days because I have been under the weather and busy with custom projects!  BUT my hubby reminded me how bad I am about proofing my blog posts so I am giving you a **disclaimer — I get so excited about writing I usually don’t do a good job of proofing my posts so please excuse all spelling & grammer errors and consider them a lil’ bit of my own personal patina I am sharing with you:-).

On to this weekend…other than being sick (ugh!) I did a desk over for a gal in Alexandria that will be delivered tonight!  I will snap a few pics and share them with you in the next couple days.
I also met a wonderful new mom to be and we will be doing a custom dresser for her in Old Violet chalk paint I am soo excited!  My second nursery I get to help with, I love it.  She too is using the top of the dresser as a changing table., pics to come! 

I also picked up a fab old piece that I LOVE!  Look at Ira peaking in the mirror, Love it!

Here are some before and after inital pics of the dresser drawers for the desk I did this weekend full pics to come soon!


And a sweet little slipper chair I picked up!

Hope you have a great day!


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