What did you do today:-)

These are “fighting” words in my house.  “Working from home” especially with the creation of Stylish Patina has created a new and interesting dynamic in our house.  My hubby will either laugh when he reads this or this post will be “fighting word!”, laugh…maybe he won’t check the blog:-).

We adapted pretty easily to being married and living together even through a home renovation and marrying of four dogs but the concept of me working at home also seems to mean work, clean, cook and run all the errands:-).  We are used to me being the 1st one out the door to work and the last one home due my jobs in the past.  So many days we will have a conversation that goes like this…

“J” — “Did you go to Home Depot for xx” and I say “No, I didn’t get to it today” and then it comes…”Well you were home all day, what did you do?”.  This is when I want to strangle my husband and scream at the top of my lungs “WORK”.  I’m exaggerating a  bit but you get the point:-) I have to say my hubby is VERY supportive of everything I do.  Soooo, what did I do today?

7:30am – Make lunch for my husband
8 – 9 – Check email and get organized for the day
9-9:30 – Load up the truck for the days errands
9:30-10:30 – Get gas, coffee & drive to Leesburg
10:30 – 11 – Get knobs
11 – 12 – Meet with the Annie Sloan Chalk paint distributor in Lucketts
12 – 1pm – Go to Lucketts store to get more supplies and take some pictures
1 – 2 – Head back to Leesburg to run a few more errands
2 – 3 – Drive home
3 – 3:30 – Customer picks up a chair at the house
3:30-4:30 – Go to the shop to update inventory and stage
4:30-5:30 – Deliver knobs for the built in client/friend and consult on a couple other things
5:30 -6:30 – Drop off items to a client/friend and catch up for a couple minutes
6:30-7:30  – Drive home, grab a bite to eat, feed the dogs (with the husband)
7:30 -8:30 – Load the truck to deliver a custom job and deliver it with my hubby, Thank you!!!
8:30-9 – eat salad \ sit for a couple minutes
9-10 – Load new pictures, edit them, write blog, check email
10 ….off to bed to watch some brain rotting TV.

Ahhh life 🙂  I do love every minute of it though…not complaining one bit, really!  So here are some pics from my travels today just for fun. Enjoy!

Old Roller Skates, LOVE!

Have a wonderful day!


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