Cheap & Cheerful and Introducing Appletini!

Yvette (from FOUNDRY) and I are partnering up on a few new business ventures that will hopefully become revealed over time (as we figure them out!) but for the time being we need a place to store furniture!  Our motto is “Cheap & Cheerful!”.  We will consider DC Metro/Loudoun County so if you know anyone that has a warehouse, Barn or Storage area that is looking to rent it please email us!

Thanks ladies!  Here is a fun little old school enamel table that I did the base in Annie Sloan Antibes Green.  I think it adds a fun pop of color and would be adorable as a desk, kitchen table or craft table, her name is Appletini!  She is a steal at $85!

Introducing Preppy


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3 Responses to Cheap & Cheerful and Introducing Appletini!

  1. Barbara says:

    I have used the AS green and boy was it electric. Your table looks very good.
    A question: I have a small china cabinet I want to paint a “Snow White” milk paint but I want to paint the shelves another color. I am striving for the French-County look…………what would be a good color for the shelves for that effect? Thanks…I love your emails/newletters Barbara

  2. Laura says:

    Oh I love Green, Ive been seeing the Annie Sloan paints everywhere {I need to try}….great color choice!!

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