Ira in the Big City!

So a couple days ago I needed to head down to the new shop, FOUNDRY, or URBAN, as my husband called it last night to Yvette, LOL.  We got a kick out of that one:-) on U Street in DC to delivery furniture.  I have to say as much as I grew up here I don’t go into the city very often the parking and everything just is a big hassle for me b/c I’m not used to it.  Let alone driving Ira the 1976 Ford pick up that can be very finicky:-)

So I load up Ira, pray it doesn’t rain and head down.  Yes I got many stares as I drove through the city streets with Ira rumbling away.  I’m sure it was the first time some people had seen a car that old.  Not to mention it was hot as heck and Ira of course has no AC…..ahh the joys of a little patina.

I find the shop and try and pull behind the building to unload but it was way too I circle around and decide to just make a U turn and park in front of the shop.  I take a really wide U turn b/c Ira’s turning radius leaves something to be desired and all of a sudden in the middle of U street Ira stalls on me… first I don’t worry this is pretty standard for Ira so I try and start him up…no luck, keep in mind I am now blocking the entire lane of traffic on U street.  UGHHH I try to start him a few more times, no luck.  Then some kinda scary guy jumps out of his van and comes over to the window and tells me to put it in neutral and he’ll push me over:-)  Seriously do not judge the scary greasy guy when he is pushing you out of U st.  Thank you!!!

After a few minutes of rest Ira started up and we got parked, moved in the furniture and made it home safe but Ira and the big city don’t mix too well, so he is going in for a serious check up next week!

For your enjoyment here are a few new things in the shop and some pics of items in FOUNDRY.


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5 Responses to Ira in the Big City!

  1. Ellie says:

    Love the finds, LOVE THE TRUCK! My dad bought a 1976 Ford F150 brand new. I was just a baby. It was the reason I learned to drive a stick shift. Dad sold it a few years ago, but later regretted the decision, hunted down the buyer and bought it back! I’m a new follower.

  2. Anna-Ruth Murphy says:

    I have total “Ira” envy!!!!!!

  3. Chrissy says:

    Girl, I do love your truck!! That is so stinkin’ cute! And I bet can fit a ton of furniture in the back.

    Love your style & taste. My husband and i used to live in DC- NVa is a beautiful place to live. Wish the Foundery was open when we lived there, I’d buy it out! Very cute stuff!

    I’d love to ask you about your easy shop sometime. I sometimes wonder if that is more profitable/easier to sell than craigs list.

    Any who, keep the pics comin!


    • Hi Chrissy feel free to email me! I think if you can do craigs list you don’t pay the Etsy commission and the paypal commission so keep that in mind! I don’t sell a ton on craigs list right now I usually only sell items that are unfinished through that channel BUT I know lots of ladies that have great success with craigs list.

      I am a business person by trade so I am all about maximizing your sales channels meaning leverage all of them b/c one might not be selling well but another one picks up the slack:-)
      – craigs list
      – etsy
      – a retail spot (booth space, retail shop, consigning)
      – through a blog
      – tag sales/yard sales
      – outdoor markets/vendor events

      Good luck!

  4. I think you have to live in the DC area to truly appreciate this story. Yikes!

    My husband, son and I decided to check out Foundry yesterday. The hubs knows DC pretty well, so he was just winging it. 1hr later, after making all kinds of wrong turns and one ways streets we found the store, but it was Sunday and it wasn’t open 🙁

    I’ll make it down there w/o him next time and I’ll use the GPS. It looks like such a cool shop!!


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