Ira Needs Surgery!

The other day was lets just say “interesting”.  Many thank to Ashley for talking me off the ledge!  I was minding my own business puttering around town in Ira.  I had just refilled the shop in Falls Church and headed home when all of a sudden Ira stalls….on Rt. 7…in rush hour traffic.  After a few tries to start him up again I got the feeling he was out of gas (ugh!!!).  Of course I wanted to be mad at everyone BUT myself for not filling him up.

I call my husband he says call the tow truck…ugh…so instead of calling the tow truck which would take 2 hours I jump out of Ira (who yes has furniture in the bed of the truck!) and decide to hoof it home about a half mile away (thank goodness!) get the other car, fill up the gas tank and see if it’s just gas he needs.  Soooo…off I go looking so “stylish” in my daisy duke cut off jean shorts covered in paint, T-shirt (also covered in paint), and flip flops.  The best part of this is that I now have to cut across rt. 50 in rush hour traffic in this wonderful outfit of mine…if you live in the area you can picture this disaster area knowing both Rt.7 & and Rt. 50 around 7 corners during rush hour. To make a long story short I got Ira some gas and put him in a parking lot and then he went to the Doctor (Herb’s Auto in Falls Church).

He was already scheduled for a tune up…but we found out he only has one cylinder working…his ticker isn’t 100%…so he needs heart (engine) surgery…ahh fun!  And yes this could have been caused by the fact that he ran out of gas OR that he has been driven more in the last two months than he has in 15 years!  Can’t wait to get the engine rebuild bill.

So Ira will be delivering a load to Miss Mustard Seed and then he will be relaxing until we get him rebuilt!  Maybe an occasional trip to the shop but no heavy lifting he is on bed rest.

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5 Responses to Ira Needs Surgery!

  1. Awww, poor Ira. I will be praying for his speedy recovery. 🙂

  2. Alice says:

    Oh no, sorry to hear about Ira! I know how it feels to be without the veheicle you depend on. Yes, bed rest sounds like just the thing for Ira.

  3. Debbie Gilbert says:

    Oh Kelly,
    So sorry – don’t you wish you were married to a mechanic!! I live around here and the description of breakin’ down on Rt. 7 – Oh Lord, you are lucky to be alive. It will be okay, God always come through…..Ira just needs rest and no heavy lifting….

  4. Rachel says:

    Bless his little ticker – hope he doesn’t need a transplant.

  5. Bonnie P says:

    Poor Ira and poor you running in rush hour traffic(and in paint clothes) LOL

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