Basement Demo Project

Ah there is nothing like coming home to a flooded basement…I am sure many of you experienced this also.  Well our basement has always been a dump.  When we moved in our house a couple years ago we renovated everything on the top two floors (just 1200sq ft) and lived in the 400 sq ft basement for 5 months with 4 dogs!  Yes it was interesting to say the least…..after we moved up to the main house we did nothing but use the basement for storage and laundry.

Here are a few pics of the flood/water damage after James had been working on it for about 3 hours!   Excuse the blurry pics 🙂


My office after we move just about 1/4th of the furniture upstairs...yes I have a chair fetish!

Thank you Will our neighbor!

Our neighbor came over and help us wet vac a bunch of the water, move furniture upstairs and then James cut the carpet piece by piece and rolled it up so we could get rid of it….ugh.  So this was Thursday night.  Today we decided (my husband decided) we would knock this wall down in the basement we keep saying we are going to get rid of…ah a handy husband is really nice to have!  Here is James tearing down the wall…go baby go!

And this is what it looks like after a day of hard labor by my husband ..I think I might even be able to paint a little down there now even though this is suppose to be the “man cave”.

Need a lot of work but it's it's 100% better than Thursday!

Would you like to come to tag sale in my basement!

It's all about the stacking!

Many thanks to my hubby…we will keep you updated as the progress of our basement renovation.  Hope you all survived the weather.

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7 Responses to Basement Demo Project

  1. Kathleen says:

    Love that curvy mirror! SO sorry about the flooding, I can relate. Our basement has flooded twice in seven years. After the first flood we had a major renovation and it turned out to be really beautiful. Then it flooded in the nice new basement and we’re still dealing with that. 🙁 It’s great that you’re doing it yourselves, believe me, b/c contractors/builders can be a big headache! Can’t wait to see what you do! Good luck!


  2. AnnW says:

    You could hang some of the chairs on the basement wall like the Shakers did. I would give Miss Mustard seed a call. Her bloody is a little empty, so maybe she would take a load from you.

  3. Vanessa says:

    I hope you where able to save some of your stuff. It looks like you are some great chairs and other great pieces. Lovely! Pray you are able to finish up the repairs and get back to normal.

  4. James says:

    I think that you should thank your hubby “J” for doing such a wonderful job, and giving you even more room to store furniture, sacrificing the possiblity of ever having a mancave….

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