Ira is Hauling Again!

Yesterday was a busy day!  Ira and his new heart (engine) are doing great!  We had a delivery for Miss Mustard Seed to do …look at this beauty!

Ira is back in business!

MMS delivery

While I was out “in the country” I also went to Purceville, Va and found a shop called It’s Bazaar its super fun!!  If you are in the area swing by and say hello.  Here are a few pics of the little historic area.

Historic District In Purceville

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2 Responses to Ira is Hauling Again!

  1. Sandy Dailey says:

    We were in the DC area over the summer. The family only wanted to look at monuments and museums. Me, I wanted to check out the old towns and shops. Clearly I missed out and need to go it alone next time. That’s a lovely piece. I just finished painting something similar for my daughters room and it is off to for upholstery right now. Can’t wait to see the finished products, yours and mine.

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