Our Latest Find!

Yvette and I went out hunting yesterday for treasures and found some wonderful goodies for the shops AND we found a new location.  We will give you the scoop after everything is official BUT looks like we are adding a 3rd and maybe a 4th location here in the next couple months.  Yes we are moving fast…when you take the leap and need to make real money to survive it’s all about going big or going home (or back to corporate jobs! boooo).

This is one of our prize possessions.  We found this beauty and decided we couldn’t leave her in the shop that she had to come home with us!  We are planning on putting her in the U Street shop.  Yvette shares my love of old vintage signs so we could just not pass this baby up!

Our latest treasure! She will be in the U Street shop for sale, $750

FYI – I just restocked the Falls Church Shop with Chalk Paint so swing by if you are running low (260 West Broad Street, FC 22046) , or you can order online here.  Have a great weekend!

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