A Customers Before & After!

Paige from North Arlington bought this cool old vanity from us about a month ago and when I dropped it off in Ira she was talking about her ideas for how she was going to refresh it.  They sounded amazing so I asked her if she would send me some “after pics” to share on the blog with all of you.  I shared with me what she used for this refresh:

PAIGE :  I used 2-3 coats Behr paint/primer in Edgy Red and a zillion coats (okay, maybe 3) of Minwax water-based Polycrylic protective finish.  While I probably only coated the entire thing 2-3 times with the top coat, I gave the top counter area a few extra coats because I wanted it to be really glossy and easy to clean my makeup spills off of. 

The pics just came in, thanks for sharing Paige!  If anyone else either buys a piece of “raw” furniture from us and refreshes it or buys some chalk paint from us and does a piece we’d LOVE to share it with our followers!

Here is Paige’s SASSY new red vanity!










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  1. Sandy Dailey says:

    Wow, I love a punch of color

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