Introducing Big Bubba & A New Project

As you know Ira has been having some health problems…he is actually back in the hospital for a second heart transplant..his first one was a lemon!  So with the winter months coming we decided to get a back up…Big Bubba.  So here is the newest addition to the family of Foundry & Stylish Patina.

James working on Big Bubba!

Look at all that room

Big Bubba on the road hauling already

Here is a little initial stages of a vintage wash stand project I have in the works.  I am doing a bottom coat of Scandinavian Pink and a top coat of French Linen…..

my latest project in phase 1

Check back for the finished product!


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2 Responses to Introducing Big Bubba & A New Project

  1. Vanessa says:

    Hope Ira makes it.

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