Just in…Amazing Bags!

I have been hunting around for some unique and interesting items for us to carry both at Stylish Patina and FOUNDRY.  I located this wonderful vendor that makes each of these by hand in Europe.  I saw them on my travels to Charleston, S.C. and had to get my hot little hands on them for all my stylish ladies.

They are not mass produced so only a limited number of each one is ever made (which I adore!).  I ordered a small batch to see if people liked them so here are pictures of the ones we have now.  Only one of each style so if you are interested email me at kelly@stylishpatina.com.  I also put pictures on the Stylish Patina FB page.  We will have them in the Falls Church shop and at FOUNDRY in DC.  They are $89 each plus tax and shipping if needed.

Each bag is $89 (plus tax & shipping)


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