The fancy Coffee Shop in DC

The other weekend Yvette and I were strolling through the U & 14th Street area of DC with our hubbies checking out the competition.  I swear if we had a camera following us it would have been great reality TV between Yvette & I digging for deals and trying to find out the scoop about all the businesses and then our husbands non stop discussion around when then get to buy motorcycles and a Land Cruiser (seriously now boys…NEVER!).

Yvette’s husband and I share a major addiction to awesome coffee.  My hubby loves coffee too but he isn’t as obsessed as Mike and I are….and Yvette doesn’t even drink coffee (seriously I should be concerned!).  We all share a conviction about living a “greener” know the basics, recycle, repurpose, watch you water and electricity consumption..Mike however is “green guy” he even purchased a “green” car!

During our little adventure downtown Mike took me to this “green” coffee shop that had the most AMAZING coffee and best of all they make this pretty flower with the foam…seriously who could ask for more?  I should give them props on my blog but I can’t remember the name of shop!  I’ll find out next time in the area…promise!


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  1. Nicole says:

    This reminds me of Miss Mustard Seed’s logo…

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