Recovery & Catch Up!

Sorry since it’s been so long since I did a post we are still recovering from the big push to open the barn while we play catch up to make sure the D.C. shop (FOUNDRY) and the our dealer spot at Stifel & Capra is set for Black Friday.  Both locations will be backed with new goodies for your shopping pleasure!

Vintage ornaments $5/each

European handmade bags limited edition sale $59/each

Days till christmas chalk boards sale $21/each

Mercury glass votive holders $5/each

Today I have a funny story and pictures to share of one of the many hilarious adventures Yvette (or Vettie as I call her, her brother nick name for her that I have adopted…it’s a lot easier to yell across an auction house that Yvette:-).  So on one of our shopping trips before the grand opening of the barn we hit a antique mall.  Vettie headed to the bathroom and 2 seconds later she is yelling for me….i was totally caught of guard and thought she was sick or something so I go running into the bathroom and there it was……

A fully “staged” bathroom….here are the pictures to prove it! They are taken with my phone so excuse the bad pics:-)

A fully staged bathroom/stall

Yes that is the sink...

Final proof that yes this is a one stall bathroom

















Okay I’m off to tag and get things ready to decorate Falls Church tomorrow while Yvette is downtown working on the shop.  Hope to see you Friday!

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2 Responses to Recovery & Catch Up!

  1. I love EVERYTHING in your photos!!! How can I get some??? 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Where is this fabulous antique mall with the staged bathroom? I must see it!

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