2012 Annie Sloan American Tour

You may or may not have heard through the grapevine that Annie Sloan yes “the” Annie Sloan is touring the US!  To learn more about location and details go to the official website!

Each regional event will be filled with exciting activities and a must see for many Annie Sloan Chalk Paint enthusiasts, as well as those new customers who have never used these amazing products. It is a full 8-hour day of Annie Sloan. Each event across the country will be formatted in the same way and will include 2-hour demonstration and history given by Annie Sloan, 4-hour hands on workshop covering Annie’s range of techniques, and a book signing/ social hour to conclude the day. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet Annie Sloan, your local Stockist, and others passionate about the range, versatility, and ease of use of this incredible Chalk Paint and Soft Wax. The Annie Sloan products have certainly changed the way Americans and Canadians think of painting furniture since its introduction in the States mid-2010.

Go check out these links to enter in and win some chalk paint! Sassy & Style and High Falootin Junk!

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