Custom Chairs Completed!

You might remember from another post I had a request for some custom chairs.  The inspiration for the client was this picture from Apartment Therapy.  I had a set of 4 funky cane back chairs that were perfect for this project that she found on my etsy site.  We agreed on a flat black/grey color like the picture however; with more neutral seat cushions.   I like how they turned out so much I am planning on doing another set for the barn!

The inspiration

The result!


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6 Responses to Custom Chairs Completed!

  1. joanne n says:

    just beautiful !!

  2. McKelle says:

    Love it! I really have a thing for chairs right now. My garage is loaded with some cute ones just waiting to be reinvented but I just haven’t had the time! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  3. Rose says:

    They came out beautiful!

  4. Tina Quijano says:

    Love this!!! Can you share what paint you used? More power to you!

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