Holiday Joy!

It has been a great holiday for us at the Millspaugh/Thompson household.  It wasn’t filled with gifts but with family and friends.  The older you get the more it is about appreciating what you have.  I was thinking the other day I want to make a big sign that says “Be Thankful for what you have”.  My mom will be reading this and laugh b/c I’ve been a little bit grumpy lately BUT it is true if you take a look around most likely you are in a good place compared to others in the world.  It’s hard to not get caught up in the worry of everyday life ….. my new years resolutions:

1. Be thankful for the wonderful life I have

2. Get back into the exercise routine!

I’m starting early on the exercise.  I’ve been running and going to hot/baptist yoga.  I’ll let you know how it’s going:-).  On that note I’m off to meet the family so we can head to the gym.

Happy Holidays!

my lil' boy

Family joy:-)


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