projects, projects and more projects!

With the holidays coming up I have been trying to knock out all of my custom projects; which is keeping me busy.  I’ve been working on this corner cabinet for a customer in Alexandria and it’s taken longer than expected…but…I think it will look great.  And yes I am painting in my house…it’s too cold outside and this is too big to go in the basement so I’m doing it in my kitchen:-)

Custom project









So as I am trying to get finished up on customer work I find a bunch of treasures!  Of course now I am loading myself up with more projects for the barn sale the 3rd weekend in January!  I found these little treasures thanks to “D” who told me to go look at these goodies.  I wasn’t going to take them but I just couldn’t pass them up.  Ira and I loaded them up today and brought them home to be refreshed.

new refresh projects







This we actually found a while ago but I painted it today and it looks awesome!









Stay tunes for the “after” pics!  Happy holidays!

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  1. Wow! You scored some awesome finds. Live the lines of your highboy! Have fun:)

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