A New Custom Color!

One of my things in 2012 is to start playing around with mixing colors to come up with some interesting custom colors with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  I think I’ll eventually have a class and we can mix and match together!

So I found this amazing dresser and wasn’t sure what color I wanted to paint it.  Part of me said go with something neutral and the other side of me wanted to paint it coco since I had just sold my last coco dresser at Stifel & Capra.  The answer??? Mix old white and coco together and there you have it!

I love how it turned out it’s not too brown like the coco but also not to white; it’s neutral yet warm.  Does that make any sense?  Well…here he is …. these pictures don’t do it justice my house is not great for staging and I need to learn how to use my camera better {another 2012 resolution!}.

$295 -- Mix of Old White & Coco




















Up close and personal

This guy will most likely go into the my dealer space in falls church at Stifel & Capra …or he might end up at the barn too!  We will see how much I can get into Ira this weekend and take out to the barn.  If you are interested in seeing him email me at Kelly@stylishpatina.com.



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