It’s Cold Outside! Where do I paint???

Ahhh I new this day would come…there were a few hints so I cleaned up the basement however; today I found myself with LOTS of paint projects for our upcoming barn sale January 20-22 and no room to paint.  It was way to cold to paint outside and my projects were too pig to bring down my tiny stairs into the basement.  What is a girl to do?  Well…of course you move out your real furniture onto the deck and paint inside the kitchen and living room!

Needless to say it’s been a trying couple of days at my house with dogs and people trying to get into the kitchen to eat, go outside to potty (the pups) and not kill my husband with waxing fumes.  Winter is just starting and I am praying for it to end soon!  We have a little house and no extra room…it’s going to be an interesting winter!

Well the good new is that we have a furniture refresh basics class coming up at the ned of January so you folks can learn how to fit up your flea market finds in your basement when you are snowed in!  Space is limited to sign up now!

So you don’t get any pics today b/c something is wrong with my WP uploader..we did an update and now there are issues:-)  Ah fun times!  I have a few “raw” pics on FB you can check them out.  I just did an amazing dresser in a custom color {old white & coco), a small buffet, large buffet and many more!



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  1. cyndi smith says:

    I know what you mean about a painting place! I’m in Texas and no, it’s not hot in the winter (40 degrees today and a chance of snow tomorrow) and we don’t have basements! Good thing chalk paint doesn’t have an odor and I can haul small pieces into the house to paint! Most of the time I’m painting in my driveway! I’ve just started my own blog. Hope I can be as inspiring as you!

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