A Love Hate Relationship with Chairs

I do love chairs but I hate painting them…they surprisingly take a while to paint and then you have to cover the seat…ugh..but I keep buying them…because i do love how they look once they are done.  I got a set of 6 chairs that were in great shape, I actually wasn’t going to paint them but my mom convinced me.  So my day was spent doing the 1st part of the job painting, distressing them waxing 6 chairs….I have to wait and do the seats another day….I’m all chaired out!  This is my 2nd set of 6 in a week…email me if you need chairs {kelly@stylishpatina.com}.  They will be $75/chair and the seat will be done in burlap.  The color is a mix of old white and coco so it is still neutral but warm not a stark white or yellow white.




















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5 Responses to A Love Hate Relationship with Chairs

  1. Chairs DO take a while, especially if you want to sand them well before you paint. I am trying to refinish a chair right now, which requires stripping all the paint off of it. I even took it apart to try and tackle it. I am so sore from sanding! It will be a long time before I do another chair again. Too bad I have about 7 dining chairs that I really should tackle soon.

    Side note: Excited to see a fellow furniture enthusiast in Falls Church! I’m looking forward to make a trip up to one of the barn sales soon!

  2. LOL…I have the same relationship with my chairs…when I’m painting dining room sets the tables and servers are like instant gratification!

  3. Anna-Ruth Murphy says:

    They look great!!!!!

  4. Dionne says:

    I understand completely, but the reward for your hard work is sooo worth it! Great job!!

  5. Donna says:

    But it’s so beautiful, Kelly. I don’t mind doing chairs. Mostly because I can actually pick them up and move them. There’s something to say for small pieces of furniture.

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