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You might remember I bought two buffets and was offering them “raw” before I painted them well, one sold right away and the other I just had to paint!  I was going to do something neutral so that it would fit in more peoples homes.  I had decided I would do Aubusson under Country Grey but the more I painted the aubusson the more I just loved it {it’s my fav annie sloan color}.  So instead of my neutral buffet we ended up with this very unique one of kind buffet {which I love}.  The top is country grey and then the base is aubusson with clear wax then dark wax on top of it.  She was a labor of love since dark wax can be tricky to work with.  If you are interested in buying this sweet thing email me she is currently in Falls Church.


I have decided that dark wax is like distressing furniture once your start you are always worried you will ruin it but you won’t.  You need to just jump in and start using the wax {or distressing} this is actually one of the most creative aspects of doing furniture so have fun with it!



















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11 Responses to Before & After

  1. Beautiful! Aubusson Blue is one of my favorite colors.

  2. Traci says:

    I always feel like I am in the middle of ruining my piece while waxing thanks for the confidence boost.

  3. Peggy says:

    I agree about jumping in with the wax but when using dark wax I always like to put on a clear wax first. It helps you keep from accidentally using too much dark. Buffet is beautiful thanks for sharing. Peggy

  4. Kathleen just gave me a heads up and sent me over here to see what you did with this piece. It’s beautiful! I just finished a similar piece, in Aubusson Blue (my favorite, too … and Duck Egg … and Primer Red … you get the idea.) Aubusson Blue with dark wax is such a rich color … and it IS neutral, because I think I will go perfectly in rooms that are just about any color.

    Now I’m going to have to surf around and see what else you have around here. I have a feeling i’m going to enjoy myself. 🙂

  5. Mary in Arlington says:

    I think I just saw this piece at Stifel & Capra–it’s great! What did you do to the hardware to make it go so well with the blue and grey?

  6. grace says:

    wow, what a differance.. it looks amazing!! i am using aubusson now on a table and i am really loving it.. the dark wax does make such a differance.i just got my order of antoinette, and it is just beautiful. can’t wait to use it.~Grace

  7. Amy says:

    So you did the blue, black wax and then a little sanding? It’s beautiful and I love the drawer handles as mentioned earlier but another post.

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