A Hidden Jewel at First Friday!

Mom and I had been working our little tails off on Friday running to pick up a load of furniture way out in the boonies and then meeting the truck at the barn to drop it off.  In between we made a couple quick pickin’ stops and finally jump in the truck to rush back into town to make the First Friday event {and run 4 more more business related errands} at the Falls Church Shop Stifel & Capra.  Lets just say I wasn’t looking my best but I got there which these days means a lot since life is so crazy.

As mom helped me out I said “You should be my assistant” her response “I should be your CEO!” so apparently I have a new CEO of Stylish Patina my mom.  I think actually she should be the COO but I didn’t want to burst her bubble after all the help she had give me…after all when you are starting a business the best help is FREE help and mom is free:-)  I drug her to the shop for First Friday and the lure of wine and food seemed to be enticing enough so off we went me in my wool baseball hat and mom in her winter ski jacket that she continues to spill coffee on when we are “out running the show”.

We ended up finding a hidden treasure at First Friday.  The artist of the months was  Julie LoRusso.  She takes vintage dress clips, brooches, etc. and makes these amazing necklaces.  I am not one that spends money easily but I did buy 2 necklaces from her!  I am a sucker for anything one of a kind, vintage, and re-purposed so she had me at “vintage”.  Go check her out this month at Stifel & Capra she has fab stuff and just in time for valentines day!  You can also visit her website.

I bought this one! Love it!


















I bought the red one in the middle:-)















































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5 Responses to A Hidden Jewel at First Friday!

  1. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks so much for the kind words. I had a blast Friday with you and your COO. Let her know that someone thought the bee worked and bought that necklace 🙂


  2. Jill Flory says:

    I want the grey one in the middle pic! Is it still available? Would she ship it?

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