{V-Day} Vintage Props for Photographers

Happy Valentines Day!

The other day I sold this adorable vintage desk on Etsy and it turned out it was to a woman in the area.   I hauled it down from the barn to the Falls Church shop {Stifel & Capra} for her to pick them up.  She then tells me how they are for a friend that is doing a photo shoot…how fun I’m thinking!  Next thing I know I get a note from Kelly from Sewing in Now Mans land and find out she did the shoot and she wants to rent my very cool vintage buggy for a new born shoot 🙂

Kelly had emailed me a while ago asking about prop rentals so it all came full circle {such is life}.  She did this adorable Valentines Day photo shoot and I just love how they turned out.   Kelly currently lives in Falls Church and loves sewing and photography {that totally sounded like a dating website, haha!}

Check out the pics from the photo shoot here and visit Kelly’s blog…did I mention she is moving to Paris…how jealous am I!!


















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2 Responses to {V-Day} Vintage Props for Photographers

  1. Awww! Thanks for the shout out! By the by it was my older sister who bought that huge awesome vintage camera for me as a surprise! We are slowly but surely buying your barn ha!!

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