A Touch of Vintage..

I have been eyeing these amazing vintage chairs since we bought them a month ago.  I had no idea where I could use them in my tiny little house with 4 dogs!  But I thought maybe I would redo my office and use one as a desk chair and then one as a sitting chair in the office but no….The next thought was using them in our kitchen/dining room.  I had red curtains in there so I did an inexpensive little DIY project.  I use these neutral Ikea panels, tied them with a little twine, brought in a rug from another room and added two of my beautiful chairs and walla…a touch of amazing vintage style with an old rustic farm table!

I’m planning on having a bench seat made and adding a bunch of pillows and she should be done!

A work in progress

















Amazing what a little twine can do...








LOVE the lines and the fabric of these chairs

















Vintage blue ball jars make perfect vases















look at those curves!

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4 Responses to A Touch of Vintage..

  1. Love it all. The chairs are amazing and add just the perfect touch of color and unexpected charm. Perfect addition Hugs, Marty

  2. Jolie says:

    LOVE the chairs! I would have made them work even if it meant a little redecorating too! And those IKEA panels are the best. I have used them throughout my house.

  3. toocolorcrazy says:

    Cute. Great shape to those chairs.
    You could also put them at the ends of the table and find two smaller/shorter cafe type chairs for the front…and Id open the drapes and add cream roman shades behind them for some more layers.

  4. Vanessa says:

    I just love those chairs and table. Simple but lovely.


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