Our Annie Sloan Visit

As you can tell I’m still getting caught up from our busy weekend with Annie Sloan.  The event was wonderful and meeting her and seeing how down to earth she was even better.  I have to admit seeing her sign all those books and take all those pictures I didn’t even ask for a signature on a book:-)  There is a picture floating around on someones camera of us but that was taken “after hours” so not sure how good it’s going to look.

After hearing Annie talk about her product it reminded me why I love it so much.  She  said that the reason she created this line of chalk paint was so that busy women {and men} that wanted to do something quickly could accomplish a fabulous refresh project in a day.  The other thing that she kept saying was that it didn’t need to be perfect, if you saw brush strokes that okay…work with the paint and let your project unfold as you go.

Now for you folks that like everything perfect this might be hard for you but for me I LOVE it!  I’ve been told time and again that I am a “type A”…  I like to think of myself melding into type B+ {trying too!} no matter what type I am one thing I am not is a perfectionist when it come to anything creative.  For me the best part of the creative process is that you can let go of all the rules and just do what you like.  Many times I find myself starting to paint in one section then moving to another area because I am getting bored {I guess I’m type A with ADD?}.  The beautiful things about this paint is that it works with you no matter if you are a perfectionist or not.  Distress, no distressing, shiny finish or matte finish it’s all up to you!

A couple things to keep your eye out for from Stylish Patina — a few new classes.

– Advanced refresh class

– Paint mixing class

– How to work with other refresh tools such as gold/silver leaf and crackle.

Thanks to Annie, her husband and business partner David and our distributor Jolie Design for a fabulous event!  Annie writes a blog where she talks a lot about color.  Check it out here.

I’ll put a few pictures here from the event and there are more on the Stylish Patina  facebook page.

Annie Sloan in Leesburg, Virginia







David {Annie's husband & business partner}, and a few of the gals from the ASCP DC Metro crew

A modern finish






A rustic finish






2 color distressed finish







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4 Responses to Our Annie Sloan Visit

  1. Norma's Kentiques says:

    I’m LOVING all these stories about Annie’s Tour! Thanks for sharing.

    I love her style and mentality about painting. So glad to hear she’s just “real”.

  2. Anne says:

    How exciting for you to be able to go attend a class.I really LOVE this paint too.If I ever get the chance to meet her I am going to do it.I love that you do not have to be perfect.It is totally me.I reason I love old pieces is because they are not perfect.And I never try to make mine look perfect.

  3. Kim Tiller says:

    Kelly… love your new blog. Let me know when you come back to Richmond. I may want you to bring me some paint 🙂 Kim Tiller Interiors and Antiques.

  4. Kim Tiller says:

    I love your new blog… message me when you come back to Richmond. I need some more paint. Kim Tiller interiors and Antiques.

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