A look inside my home…

There is nothing like people coming to your home to make you get things in order!  Lots of folks in this industry show these gorgeous pictures of their homes and I always wonder how do you have time!  My home usually comes last.  Truth be told it is very common for me to have furniture in the house with tags on it ready to be sold.

We bought our home 3 years ago and completely gutted it all the way down to the studs…when we found out we didn’t have any insulation or even drywall!   This was my 2nd fixer upper and I was thinking oh no biggie some paint and we’ll be good….NOT!   The home was in it’s original 1940’s condition.  Since then we have opened up some walls, combined rooms, installed hardwood floor, put in insulation, drywall, paint, doors, etc..  we love out little 1200sq ft home with a monster backyard.  Which yes we bought mainly for our 4 dogs:-)

Since I started Stylish Patina my house gets less and less attention and my husband complains that things are always coming and going…there is one sofa table that he put his foot down and said “No, we are keeping this”.   Needless to say the last year has been a crazy fun ride but finally I needed to pull it together.  I was my husbands 40th birthday and we were having a party for him PLUS it was Mothers day and all the Mothers were going to be there..and it was parents 40th anniversary!   So I needed to get organized.  As usually everything came together in a matter of days.

My mom {aka COO for Stylish Patina} kept asking me questions like “what food are you going to have?” my answer to this and many questions was “I don’t know I haven’t gotten that far yet, it will come together”.  And it did…an hour before people were suppose to arrive I was digging in the garage and pulling out vintage crates to hold cups and napkins, vintage apotho jars for flowers, a vintage desk to hold plates and napkins, etc.  I have known a few interiors designers in my time and people that work in the trade and they layout everything down to where the last vintage book will be placed…..me I collect all the things that I love and speak to me and then blend them together until I’m happy with how it looks.  We all have our different approaches to how we “style” a room, a house or a retail space.  For me the fun is in blending it all together.

So here are a few pictures of my home when it’s not being over run by my business or our 4 dogs:-)  The next time I get inspired {or forced} to pull it together it will most likely look totally different mainly b/c I will have sold half of the items out of my house {sorry hubby, but not the sofa table!}.

This is our "everything" room and our main living area.









Main living area










Hubby's sofa table










vintage and new come together


























Upstairs sitting area









kitchen/eating area










my office









my latest treasure, love this little guy









just finishes this guy and had to keep him!
















You can see more pictures on the Stylish Patina Facebook page here….

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9 Responses to A look inside my home…

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Your house is so pretty, and your taste is impeccable. It is a little hard to tell from this picture, but it looks like your couch faces a coffee table that faces the back of some chairs that faces another coffee table, and that first table is in the entry way to your front door. Am I seeing that right? How does that work of your flow? I love that it isn’t the traditional living room on one side, dining room on the other!

    Hoping to see you at Luckett’s this weekend!


    • Hi Elizabeth yes our home is anything but traditional in flow. basically our main room we use as a family room. It was originally a living dining room however since we were going to using it as out main living area we opened up the wall where the divider would usually be for a dining room so it was more expansive.

      We tried dividing it but I felt like it was wasted space as a formal living and dining room since we just don’t live that way. It’s worked great for us and gives us room to stretch out. When we renovated the home we did it for our type of living casual 🙂

  2. Joni says:

    Kelly – Your house looks FABULOUS! I love all the special touches. It’s got your name all over it. I feel like I have to turn sideways to get through mine, sometime. Congrats on a job very well done.

  3. Melinda says:

    I’m much, much older than you, but can still say, nothing gets me to spruce up my home like an upcoming event or the anticipated arrival of a special guest! Some things never change. Your home is lovely, keep having fun!

  4. Vanessa says:

    How lovely is your home. I love how beautiful and simple it looks. Love the details on some of the furnitures pieces.


  5. Beth says:

    Your home is lovely…a beautiful combination of finishes. Your wood floors are fantastic. And I can’t blame your husband for wanting to keep the sofa table…it is gorgeous. Looking forward to meeting you at your June 2nd class!

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  7. Melesa Garrison says:

    Simple, but lovely and some striking pieces…you are very talented!

  8. Jenn says:

    You are my kind of girl!! Not only for your love of decorating and mixing vintage things with newer things, but mostly for having 4 dogs! Thought my hubby and I were the only ones crazy enough to have 4 huge dogs! 🙂 We bought our house specifically for its awesome back yard for our dogs as well.

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