Coke and Skelton keys…who knew!

I bough a ton of these amazing vintage French skeleton keys but when they got here {from France!} they had tons of rust.  So of course I googled “removing rust from keys” and it told me to get coke, brand name, and put the keys in it.  So I did this and yes, it removed some of the rust.  I didn’t want them perfect just a bit cleaned up.

So now my 2nd question is after reading this blog post are you ever going to drink Coke again?  I hope not! I don’t care for soda {I love coffee} but my hubby does…he knew this little trick and of course I said to hi…”you knew this and still drink soda!”  Crazy!

I am gradually bringing in these awesome keys to the shop in Falls Church and out the barn so come and see us.  They are awesome as a home decor item but also on a necklace free form…love them!

love these:-) vintage from France


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2 Responses to Coke and Skelton keys…who knew!

  1. Deanna says:

    Hi Kelly, I stopped drinking any kind of soda (esp. Coke) when I learned that if poured on a car … A CAR … and left there it will eat through the metal. That’s just BAD … Now coffee, that’s my weakness and last time I checked it didn’t eat through metal : )
    ~ Deanna

  2. Bev says:

    My hubby steals mine to clean his golf clubs – and I still drink it. My only addiction. Put I figure if our stomach acid can eat metal then I am probably okay.

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