It’s all in the finish

I get tons of questions about what should painted furniture feel like when it’s done, how do you know if it is done well when buying a piece of painted furniture, etc.   It’s simple…it’s all in the finish:-)

My mom {COO of Stylish Patina, my #1 Picker and hauler} is the queen of this topic. She goes around and feels every piece of painted furniture she looks at. It’s pretty funny but actually a great way to tell if a piece is done well. It should be smooth to the touch almost velvety {is that a word?} or silky. How do you get this finish?  Well we will talk about it in my new intermediate refresh class coming up soon.

You can have a very rustic painted piece and it can still be smooth and lovely.  And yes you can get this finish with a wax or poly top coat and in some cases if you know some tricks you can even get this feeling with a non waxed piece of painted furniture! So if you are shopping for furniture follow moms lead, just run your hand across the top and sides of the piece and if it feels good to the touch you are in good shape.

If you are around tomorrow night swing by the shop in Falls Church we will be open late {until 8pm} for First Friday! Join us for some great shopping, wine and snacks!

Come see us for 1st Friday !!















It's all in the touch.....

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4 Responses to It’s all in the finish

  1. Dana says:

    That is so funny. I am passionate about this topic. I go around and touch every piece of furniture too. You can definitely tell. Trust your touch!

  2. Beth says:

    It was so nice meeting you today at the Basics Refresh class. I can’t wait to use the waxing brush I picked up today at your booth. Thanks so much for the fun class!

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