Vintage Rental

Many thanks to my good friend and FAB photographer, Jennifer Burns, for writing about Stylish Patina on her blog.  Jen takes the most beautiful pictures and many times she is texting me asking if I have something for a shoot she is doing.  She actually was one of the reasons I added the vintage rental side of the business.  I love seeing her bring the props to life.

My most recent text from Jen was “hey do you have an American Flag, not a yucky nylon one, a cool cotton one”.  So maybe this wasn’t the exact text but that was what she was saying to me.  I replied “no, but I’ll look for one” so I added it to the items I was looking for and wouldn’t you know it a few days later I came a cross one.

So this is how it goes …then I text her “hey what about this flag I found” she says “looks good.. is it cotton” I say “yes” and the  next thing I know she is swing buy to pick up the flag for an amazing shoot she has in her head.  Read more about the shoot here.

So much like I do BEFORE & AFTER for furniture here is my before and after for vintage props:-)


Jen sent me a note saying she was going to come out the barn this weekend to check out the sale and take some pictures with the flag…here is a little look at her amazing work.  To see more visit her blog.

I am headed out of town for a couple days for an Annie Sloan training event, if you order paint it will ship out Wed and the Falls Church location will be restocked on Thursday.

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4 Responses to Vintage Rental

  1. cassie says:

    what an adorable picture! SO cute!!

  2. Jennifer Lynn says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. sadis wa takleh pegi . sobbss ! eh mane gambar kak pirang ? dye tak turun ka ?gilos yang last tuu . hahahabekeng beteii pengapit pengantin pmpn . hikhik

  4. NADA is my all time favorite designer 🙂 Her cloths are so my style, although it changes from collection to collections, it’s always for the best. And I love that she used jewelry pieces to compliment her clothing…If one day I come to Canada I will definitely try to reach her and make some jewelry pieces for her next prêt-a-porter 🙂

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