DIY Haven & New Paint Line Intro…..

This weekend my helper Laura and I made great strides in setting up the beginnings of our little DIY haven upstairs in the sunroom at Stifel & Capra.  I just love the upstairs space however; it has been a little more challenging since I can’t bring large furniture up there so I decided to use it as a place to sell all of the amazing products you can use when refreshing furniture {and more}!

I actually love hunting out new products and sharing them with my customers so this is working out really well.  I also put a few shopping baskets up there {and will be adding lots more} so that you can easily bring your items down the stairs.  I will always have a sampling of paint on the main floor but everything else is moving upstairs. So yes ladies there are a few cans of wax on the main floor for now but eventually it’s all going upstairs:-)

So what is coming down the road….lots of new things!  I will be carrying two new paint lines to accent the Chalk Paint™ so that you ladies & gents can have more options whether you are using them for your business or your home.  When growing my business or adding new elements it’s usually based on something I would appreciate as a customer.  I like one stop shopping.  Our lives are so busy so going to 3 places to get all of our supplies is difficult.  This is why I am expanding my product offering.  I am hoping the SP DIY area upstairs at Stifel & Capra will make your lives easier too!

I just loaded in the 1st new line – Old Fashion Milk Paint!  I tested a few different lines of milk paint and thought this one mixed the easiest AND they have been around since 1974 so they obviously know what they are doing!  I have the majority of the color line plus, extra bonding agent, crackle and beeswax.  You can even buy them ONLINE with Stylish Patina here!






















































The Old Fashion Milk Paint Company has provided me with TONS of amazing brochures for you to have that include color charts that show you what the colors would look like mixed with the white.  They have some fabulous blues & greens PLUS a true black and brown.  The prices are reasonable as well…..

Pint – $13

Quart – $27

Extra Bonding Pint {not required} – $12

Crackle Pint- $20

Beeswax Finish – $15 {this gives a beautiful luster!}

I don’t have every color but I do have the majority and you can always email me if you need a color I don’t have I’m happy to order it.  Grab a brochure when you are in the shop it has all the information you need {how to mix it, what each products does, etc.} and as always you can email me with questions!  I hope you enjoying experimenting with this new line as much as I am.

To top it all off Old Fashioned Milk Paint is giving me 6 pints {you choose the colors!} to give away to readers!  So I’ll be announcing the details of this give away later this week!

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13 Responses to DIY Haven & New Paint Line Intro…..

  1. kate says:

    Absolutely wonderful! So happy for you all and cannot wait to see the milk paint and products!

  2. We painted the walls in our studio with their “safepaint” and love love love their milk paint!

  3. Kathy says:

    Very interesting! I haven’t yet tried Milk Paint but very anxious to give it a go. I like that this line can be purchased in pint size! And, will you be able to ship since I’m not close by? Blessings!

  4. Uh oh…another new paint choice could be dangerous! I also saw Miss Mustard Seed’s at Lucketts this weekend. Looking forward to checking out your new digs! 🙂

  5. Vanessa says:

    Hi, Kelly

    How amazing milk paint. This I want to try. Awesome


  6. Laura says:

    after lots of organizing and arranging the DIY section is all done! Stop by and check out all the cool stuff and new paint lines (:

    -the helper

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