Gilding Wax

Some of you may have noticed that I have a bunch of yummy Italian gilding waxes in 4 different colors at the Falls Church shop…the next question..“how do I use this?  What do I do with it?”.  Well I’m going to show you some fabulous examples of gilding wax {and leaf}.  I love playing with gilding wax I just have not taken many pictures so I am going to give credit to some of my fabulous peers who have taken pictures:-)








Stiltskin Studios does an awesome job at using the metallics {yes we have a class coming up on this in Falls Church}.  They have a few wonderful pictures of using gilding wax and gold leaf, both of which we have for you to buy in Falls Church if you get inspired!

These are the 4 colors of Italian gilding wax that we have.  I also have gold and silver leaf in the shop from Italy however; if it’s your first try at playing with metallics I’d go with gilding wax.   It’s easy to use and gives a lovely finish.  You don’t need much at all and adding a little around the carvings looks gorgeous!  You can add a little dark wax to deepen the color as well.

 The above picture is a great image of how to use the gilding wax, Annie Sloan Crackle and then dark wax. {Yes we have the two step crackle process in Falls Church}.


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10 Responses to Gilding Wax

  1. ahhhhh, thanks so much for featuring us, you are AWESOME! And gilding wax is the frosting on my cupcake, if you know what I mean! We LOVE it! So easy to use, yet it lends such elegance.

  2. Vanessa says:

    These are gorgeous! The colors are so rich and it adds so much to a piece of furniture. Lovely!


  3. These are gorgeous! I definitely need to give these a try. Thanks for the info and the inspiration. Would you share these at my new linky party, Totally Transformed Tuesday? Hope to see you there. Peggy

  4. marilyn says:

    Always love new ideas for redo’s, thanks for sharing! Very nice

  5. Tiffany says:

    thinking of disressing an old wooden sleigh bed. I’ve seen wax mentioned as a step several times, but I still don’t get how to use it. Does it dry then it’s finshed? So it won’t rub off? Or do you have to put a sealant on top of it once you have your desired distressed/patined look? Thanks!

  6. Nicole Genz says:

    Can you put poly on top of the gilding wax. Ive heard you cant put anything on top of it without it rubbing off.
    Can you use this on metal handles as well?

  7. Theresa says:

    What steps do you use when painting metal cabinets shabby chic? I’m afraid if I sand it eventually it will rust..what is your thoughts?

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