Just A Lil’ Sparkle

On the same theme as my Anthro inspired table {which has found a new loving home:-)} I got a little crazy with the silver…I do love silver!  So this old and not so fab side table now has a new lease on life and is oh so glam.  It’s amazing what a lil’ paint can do.  She will be in the Falls Church shop if you want to see her.

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3 Responses to Just A Lil’ Sparkle

  1. Kathryn Cain says:

    Love love love the glam….I am not a glam girl but I love all types of styles…and was in retail of 38 years so always know thier is a girl for bling…So my curious is when it sells please tell me…I have a nightstand that is real close on the size and style…I did in Paris grey and the insets in silver plus the pulls…..so again curious

  2. Vanessa says:

    Hi, Kelly

    What a great piece. I have something similar to this and I think I will do this. Thanks and have a Happy 4th!


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