Inspiring Businesses for Women {& men}

So one of the best things about starting my little business and writing my blog is connecting with all these other fun people that are now creating their own little businesses all across the country and even the world {I have been chatting with a lady looking at opening the Australian Market for Chalk Paint™ decorative paints}.

So one of the ladies that has been buying paint from me online is so much fun.  She has gotten her blog up and running and sends me before & after pics.  Her blog is called Catch All Creative what a cute name!








She also has been introducing tons of women to chalk paint and they are all hooked {of course they are}.  So much so that the shop that she sells her treasures at is now selling the paint!  The shop is called Mama’s Happy {you know the saying if mama ain’t happy no one’s happy} they are in Independence MN.















Check out these fun ladies in MN!

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Hi, Kelly

    I love shops that are locally owned. I do most of my shopping in those stores before I go to a big retail store. Love these ladies site.


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