Colorful Monday – Florence

Today  I am going to show you what the color Florence {Chalk Paint™}  looks like when you dilute it a bit with Old White {Chalk Paint™}.

  • The 1st swipe is pure Florence {far right}
  • They I added the same amount of Old White.  This can also be done with Pure white for a sharper more modern looking color. {1:1}
  • Third I added another amount of Old White {1:2}
  • Fourth I added an additional amount of Old White {1:3}









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4 Responses to Colorful Monday – Florence

  1. Kathryn Cain says:

    Kelly love this post and love Florence…try this show the difference in clear wax and then what dark wax does to this color…if you take a peak at my blog you will see a dresser and soon a nite stand…that I did using these colors( I will be honest Annie was used as the first coat..but I played with some of Valspar’s pots of colors and one is very much a Florence tone…anyway I did a OMBRE” effect on a dresser(sold 1hour) with what you just did…you could do the same…and dark wax gives a very Moody effect….anyway if you do this,I would love if you just gave me credit for the original idea….Love your post and Love ASCP…..paint on Kelly

  2. Jayne says:

    Love that color!

  3. vanessa says:


    These are gergeous colors!


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