Colorful Monday – Safe Paint, Sea Green

I was playing around online one day and reading about the Safe Paint Line by Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company {OFMPC}.  I came across information on how the Safe Paint line adheres to just about anything.  It was originally created for walls but works on furniture, metal etc.  I was curious and had to contact Anne the President of OFMPC and as her.  Sure enough, it’s attaches itself to just about anything without the bonding agent!








You know me I wanted to test it out and I did this weekend! So here is the before…it’s shiny not raw or stripped wood.
















I  mixed up the Safe Paint with warm water.  They do recommend using an electric blender of sorts but I didn’t have that available.  When you purchase the paint it comes with a great insert that gives you all the details you need.

The 1st coat went on a bit streaky but that is to be expected this is a 2-3 coat paint {unless you are going for that look}.  When it dried it was very matte and chalky but distressed beautifully.  Then I applied Annie Sloan Clear wax to the top of the dresser and Daddy Van’s beeswax to the rest of it.  It deepend the color and was just gorgeous when I finished.

As a disclaimer the folks at OFMPC recommend roughing up a glossy piece of furniture before applying but I was experimenting and didn’t do this and it worked great.  The ratio of water to power is a bit different that the traditional Milk Paint so read the directions before mixing.  I have ordered Safe Paint in all of the Milk Paint colors I have in the shop and they should be coming in shortly.

So the big question when do I use the Milk Paint vs. Safe Paint?

If you are wanting that flaky crackly look then I’d go with Milk Paint but if you want a smoother coverage with more consistency in the color go with Safe Paint.  Really you can’t go wrong with either:-)  Play with them both and find out which works best for you!

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