SCOUT bags!

So I have been looking for the perfect bag to haul paint when I am doing custom projects or conducting a paint class and I finally found it SCOUT!  I love the Deano bags b/c they have this amazing reinforced bottom which is perfect for paint and if it spills I can just wipe it out!  Plus they are super cute….

As I started to learn more about the company that sells the SCOUT bags {Bungalow} I began to love them ever more….the bags are named after one of theirs pups {Scout} and the owners have 4 dogs on the website, seriously I didn’t think anyone but me had 4 dogs around here!  And finally they are a local company, the owners live in Georgetown.

Since I moved the paint upstairs in Falls Church I was looking to buy baskets so folks could easily carry the paint downstairs and then it hit me why not use SCOUT bags!  They are super fun patterns/colors and durable.  So the next time you go to buy paint and supplies at the Falls Church shop grab a SCOUT bag to help make shopping a little bit more fun.

If you would like more info on SCOUT Bags email me at  For all you ladies hauling and toting paint and vintage treasures these bags are great!  I’m considering adding them to my online shop.




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3 Responses to SCOUT bags!

  1. vanessa says:

    These are great bags. I love how they are so big and they come in lovely colors.


  2. Jerri C. says:

    Oh I love Scout Bags. I found them a few years ago & the Rocket Pocket Bag is the best. I am a school counselor so all of the pockets are so wonderful for hauling my stuff: coffee,Tervis Tumbler, my phone, etc..etc. I love them & the colored patterns are great.

  3. Ashley says:

    I so HEART Scout bags!! Can’t wait to get them from you!!

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