Hot off the truck {Ira!}

Today was going to be a “day of rest” but of course my picker {my mom} told me about a sale she had visited yesterday …so…. i talked my hubby into checking it out with me {and bringing Ira}.  Hubby new that was a bad sign……when Ira is required it usually means we are hauling furniture.

Needless to say after two trips we got a ton of super cool stuff.  I figured I’d give you blog readers the first shot at anything you might be interested in before it goes into any of the shops.  Email me if interested

$275 as is $475 painted











$175 as is $375 painted



$75 adorable vintage cabinet with great shevlves
















super fab and huge! $195







might be sold email me







As is $195 – painted $350









small marble table $75, tall $145









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2 Responses to Hot off the truck {Ira!}

  1. vanessa says:

    Great score Kelly!

    I love all the pieces you have collected.


  2. Jerri C. TN says:

    That first dresser is exactly what I am looking for…..oh if you were closer I would be on the road.

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