Our 4 Dogs…yep 4!

Some of you know the story of how my husband and I met and how on earth we ended up with 4, yes 4!, dogs.  I shared this pic on FB today and it just got me thinking about all the crazy stuff our pups do so today’s post is all about our 4 dogs {a good book title don’t you think?}.















Our happily ever story started at a Falls Church Dog park where I met my husband James {or Jimmy as his family calls him}.  I was working full time and getting my MBA and the dog park and running were the two things I did for myself during that crazy busy time.

James and I met and we both had 2 dogs.  Mine Rai {Weim} and Bai {Anatolian Shepherd} and his were Macie {pit bull mix} and Halo {lab mix}.  At some point they started playing together, we chatted for a while but continued on through our busy lives.  About a month later we ran into each other again {yeah you know he was stalking me at the dog park…or I’d like to think}.  After our 2nd encounter we decided to meet up at Lost Dog cafe in Arlington for dinner and then we shared many dinner and drinks at Dogwood Tavern in Falls Church.  So as you can see we have a dog theme going on:-)

After a bit we got engaged {all while I was still working full time and getting my MBA} and decided to get married a week after I graduated from MBA school.  Yeah as my mom would say I always have to be doing 20 things at once.

A day in the life with 4 dogs usually includes one or more of these vents…. a trash can being opened and food remains all over {Bai}, a peanut butter jar being snagged off the counter and licked clean outside {Bai}, throw up on the rugs {Macie}, sticks of butter and bread snaked off the counter {Rai and he usually brings it to his bed under my office desk, like I’m not going to see it!}, never ending barking {halo}, shoes, pillows and anything else appealing being drug out into the yard to use as enticement for another dog to play {Bai}.

We don’t have children yet and our parents would say “maybe this is why!”.  We love them and bought our dumpy house with the big yard just for them!

So here are our little devils…

Macie, my co-pilot in the car most days when I’m running around town.















Rai my running partner and he sleeps under my desk when I work.


Bai my trouble maker


Halo the barker…..omg! but super lovable











And yes they sleep in the bed….at any given time we might have 3 but try to limit it to 2.  Here is the yard we bought for them {& us}….













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6 Responses to Our 4 Dogs…yep 4!

  1. Ashley says:

    I would love a house full of dogs! My husband to be is maxed out at 1, though. But I still dream of the chaos.

  2. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Kelly, I have 4 dogs too! 3 of mine, though, are little. I don’t have any excuse other than I got carried away with rescuing dogs. They sure are a lot of love, aren’t they?

  3. Claudia Phillips says:

    What a beautiful dog family you have!

  4. Your “Day in the Life” description reminds me of our house: only 3 dogs, but we have 3 cats too!

  5. Suzanne says:

    LOVE the dogs… I have 7. Yes. IT’s crazy at my house, but I have hope now that they don’t eat as much furniture, that I too can have a beautiful space. Dog hair and all. Thanks so much for sharing your story. Love it.

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