Busy, busy & home reno

Today felt like a never ending day {Saturday} BUT I had a wonderful set of ladies in my 1st Advanced Chalk Paint class and it was soo much fun!  i actually can’t wait to do another one.  i actually took a little time and played on my own sample board.  My favorite part of doing the classes is seeing all of the color combo’s folks use.  I find the unintentional color mixes are usually the best ones!  today a couple I loved

– napoleon blue w/ primer red wash/dry brush

– emile & olive together with wash/dry brushing

– old violet & emile

I also stocked up the shop with furniture & some sale items so swing by Stifel & Capra {260 west broad falls church} and find a treasure or two!

In the mix of all this craziness that is my life me husband is attempting to get me on board with renovating/building onto our home {like I don’t have enough going on!}.  So I looked at the Architect sketches today and of course immediately had a strong opinion.  My hubby’s response, well sketch out what you were thinking!   So I guess in my spare time I’ll be drawing up some sketches of what is in my mind for our ideal home renovation.  This is all a bit of a pipe dream but I was interested in at least looking into the cost since our house is so tiny:-).

I’m off to bed to work on sketches for the house and 3 little boys rooms for a design client in Arlington.  I love this part of my job!

The front of the house I liked…its how addition and use of space I didn’t love 🙂

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6 Responses to Busy, busy & home reno

  1. Nanci says:

    Have you ever seen primer red with chateau gray over it and then sanded? I’m thinking of this combo for a buffet. What do you think?

  2. vanessa says:

    Hi, Kelly

    I love this idea of creating new color combo. I love the sound of the blue and red. I’ll have to give that a try.


  3. Pam Nemfakos says:

    Hi Kelly: I took one of your beginner ASCP classes earlier this year and woud love to take an advanced class. Are you going to offer another one soon?

  4. Kim says:

    Hi Kelly, it was lovely meeting you in person at the advanced class. And I enjoyed the class too, even in a rather jetlagged from intense travel state ! Best of luck with your work, it is great and a good inspiration as I get ready for launch of our business in South Australia 🙂 Cheers,

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