Colorful Monday – Emp Silk & Versailles

yes…I know it’s not Monday …as you can tell I’m a bit behind in my posts this week but I did want to share this adorable little table I did.  It is perfect for a Colorful Monday Series since it was a complete experiment.  The other night I was painting a custom order for an Empires Silk French Mirror {awesome!}.

I started looking around the basement and found this table …then I looked around and found a can of Versailles I hadn’t used in a while.

PRESTO CHANGO …1st layer is Emp Silk second layer is Versailles…i love it!  PLUS it’s red and green for the upcoming holiday season:-)  Available now in the Falls Church shop!


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  1. dalis says:

    It’s gorgeous! Yep, perfect for the season.

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