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So far all you crazy HGTV show watchers keep your eyes peeled for a little piece of Stylish Patina in the Columbia Heights {DC} House Hunters show.  I was at the barn yesterday and a custom table I had designed out of salvaged items was delivered.  It was on the floor for less than an hour when this very nice guy was asking about it.  To be honest I hadn’t decided to sell it yet…I was in love with it….it is truly a one-of-a-kind console table/desk.

I found the top and just fell in love with the carving.  I thinks its off of a very large and ornate cabinet from over 100 years ago.  I bought the top with the thought of a table or a huge chalk board.  Then I came across these salvaged chunky legs.  It was a done deal she was destined to be a table.  I have a guy that’s getting into designing cabinets and such so he attached the legs for me and we were off and running….




















The guy that was checking out the table loved it as much as I did and he appreciated all of the odd things about it … the natural patina of the table so when he wanted to buy it I let it go….but have to say even today I am having sellers remorse!  When we were talking about the table he told me he was on House Hunters and was trying to find the perfect table for this space on front of a wall of windows where he would work each day.  He said he really wanted a statement piece for the show and for his home……well he got it!































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7 Responses to House Hunter TV Show

  1. That is so fantastically beautiful…breath taking!

  2. Fantastic table! Not surprised it sold so fast.

  3. Doris says:

    Beautiful piece! Definately a statement piece and so happy for you that it’s going to a nice home!

  4. Diana says:

    That table was beautiful, I’m surprized you sold it!

  5. Pia says:

    Franken-furniture! It looks awesome. Did he see The Jack? It’s a statement piece 🙂

  6. vanessa says:


    I am loving this table, its like your saw my vision. Wow, I love how it turned out. Great piece.


  7. Kathy says:

    Ok I have to ask… much???? Seriously that piece just took my breath away…Hey I met you at Lucketts this year and bought a wax brush from you and brought it all the way home to the Pacific NW…then got home and was going through my blogger and saw you and couldn’t believe how I didn’t realize it was you when I purchased that from you..darn, I could have swooned!

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