Love Bugs…

As many of you know we have 4 dogs..I don’t post on all the crazy stuff they get into nearly enough but today I captured a little picture that I thoughts I’d share.  I am in the process of rearranging my office which of course means I am reworking the kitchen and my husbands little office area as well since our house is so tiny.  I promise to share pictures when it’s completed.

Any who…part of the new office is taking the kitchen table and using it as my desk which allows for more space under there so I can more around and spread out.  Rai one of the pups has always slept under the desk while I worked it was his little safe space.

Well now with more room over there apparently 2 of his siblings are liking the little “snuggle area”.  I just snapped this picture of 3 of them trying to fit on a small dog bed  {the two black pups macie & halo blend together a bit} under the desk while I work….my little love bugs:-)  Eventually Rai got nudged out…poor guy.









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