RePurpose Wed – Vintage Sleds

I have a rather large collection of vintage sleds…it’s just one of those items I think are wonderful to have for holiday decorating, photographs, etc.  I had to add in a couple vintage sledding images with these inspiration photos I found online.

















































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7 Responses to RePurpose Wed – Vintage Sleds

  1. Pia says:

    About what year was that first photo taken, with the kids on it? My friend Denyse found a sled, in the TRASH, just like the one the kids are on and we’ve been trying to date it.

  2. Kathryn Cain says:

    I love the pics, the ideas of how to use, and the pics at the shop….Sled bring back fun times, wish I still had mine, some things just seem’d to disappear ……so I will have to be happy with my snow shoes,the kind that are like 5 ft…think I may move then for the holiday and use as decor….currently they frame a window above my son’s bed.

  3. Anne says:

    Love those old sleds.I only have one right now! I have it outside my front door and leave it there all winter.Love the inside inspiration photos!

  4. Michael says:

    The oother day I was helping someone move. They had an old sled that was rusted and the wood is no longer finished. It looks in rough shape but is solid and the steering works. I am will have a picture soon. Not sure what there worth or if people still want them. It’s at least vintage if not antique. I always hear don’t refinish or fix them up. people love the patina. I am in New Hampshire if anyone is interested in the sled. Or if you have an info on what is the best thing for me to do with it. I also have a milk can, it too is pretty rusted but solid, It is stamped Green gold farm on the top. I know the history of it because it was a friends farm that was here for generations, but has since sold out

  5. Michael says:

    Sorry for my typos, it’s late and I was tired lol

  6. Robin Lahr says:

    Hi –

    I came across your blog when searching for decorating & repurposing ideas for sleds. You have a great site. The reason I’m contacting you is because I’d like to obtain a copy of the two sledding pictures so that I could print them on photo paper. Please let me know if you can share with me or if there would be a cost.

    Thank you,


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