Buy or Add On?

Should we sell and re-buy or just add on? This seems to be the question for lots of folks in the area I live since it’s so expensive to get into the housing market.  We are mulling over the options as we speak.  If you read the blog you know I wasn’t super thrilled with the 1st draft of the plans for our renovations.  We have been through a lot since we bought our little house about 3 1/2 years ago.  I started sharing our 1st renovation story on the blog and need to finish it up {stay tuned}.  So if we are going to build we are going to do it right or wait until we can afford to do it right:-)

We always new the house was small but now it’s feeling small!  I hand drew a layout for the 3 story edition after I wasn’t happy with round one.   Our Architect was patient enough to then do them correctly for me so we have our new 3 story layout.  I’ve already made a few additional tweaks to it but I’d say we are 90% there.  Now the big question is do you dump all this money into the house or just go buy a bigger house?  This will be one of our big 2013 projects {among others I can’t reveal yet!}.

I have to be honest i do love this part – drawing the plans, renovating the house and eventually decorating it.  I also enjoy looking for new houses.  This will be my 3rd home renovation that I’ve done and if it weren’t for the money part I’d do it all the time!  Hubby and I keep saying we need to get on Love it or List it.  Well here is a peak at the main and upper level of the new addition and the front and back of the house…..stay tuned as we go through the process.




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2 Responses to Buy or Add On?

  1. LS Lasalle says:

    If you do decide on the addition, I would change the kitchen slightly. Don’t wrap the kitchen in an “L” to the right of the stove. End the counters at the wall and then make the island bigger.

    When I watch Love It or List It, 80% of the time I want them to “love it”! Usually, if they just took the extra $ they would spend in RE commissions and added it to the remodeling budget, they would be happy where they are. (Not that RE agents don’t deserve those commissions.)

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