Millspaugh – Thompson Christmas

So I am finally getting my act together and can share a few pictures of my holiday decorating.  Not all the pictures are great quality BUT it’s a glimps inside our home during the holidays.

This year I decorated the tree all sorts of fabulous things I my husband would say it’s a “decorators tree” but I don’t care I love it!





And then some funny pictures of my brother in Charleston SC posing with their xmas tree and dog …so then my hubby had to pose with one of our dogs.  We like to facetime on the iphone so we can keep in touch needless to say it usually ends up in a big goof off fest.

The brother doesn’t usually have the scary beard but he is studying for Grad School finals and boards.








Just a glimps of the crazy Millspaugh – Thompson holidays.  I hope you and your family are trying to savor the holidays this year like we are:-)

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  1. vanessa says:

    Hi, Kelly

    What a lovely Christmas tree and your mantle is elegant. Enjoyed your post. Have a great week.


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