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I get TONS of requests for me to post tutorials on how to use Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan.  As a distributor of the products we are not currently allowed to produce tutorial videos BUT Annie has created some amazing videos and I have listed them in my “Feed” area in the Stylish Patina YouTube channel.  Another wonderful resource is Annie’s website.

I’m always happy to answer questions you have via email and would love to have you attend one of the classes I offer in Falls Church, Va.  If you are out of state you can find a stockist in your area that I’m sure is offering a class.  You can find this information online here to help you find a retailer.

This is one of my favorite Annie videos!

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  1. vanessa says:

    Hi, Kelly

    Thank you for this info. I am going to see if their is someone in my area. Have a Happy New Year’s.



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