Basement Renovation-Day 1

If you have been reading along you know we have been considering adding a major addition to the house.  The expense was going to be huge and so we were struggling with adding on and living through a renovation that would double the size of the house or just buying a new home.

The struggle with our adorable dutch colonial is that it’s small, 1300 sq ft (w/o basement) and when we bought it we gutted the 1st and 2nd floor.  We made the 2nd floor basically a master suite.  We tore down a wall between the two bedrooms and it works great for us but not the best for resell.  We knew when we did it that if we wanted to sell it would be an issue but it worked for us at the time.  We have a big half acre lot plenty to hold a bigger home it’s just the expense and living through the renovation with the 4 dogs.

I started thinking about the basement more.  it’s currently just a half done project from when we moved in and then we had a flood so james tore down a wall. It then became major storage for Stylish Patina:-) It’s about 500 sq ft of space or more and has a bathroom (very scary!).  I figured if we were to sell the house as is we needed to do something with the basement anyway PLUS if we added on we would be fixing up that portion of the basement as well. I pitched the idea to james and he bought in (yeah!).

Turns out we also need a french drain to mange the water issues we have down there (it never ends).  So today at 7:30am we had the crew come to start demoing the basement!  My poor hubby we just had the TV crew here filming for DIY Network on Saturday and now I’ve got a construction crew in the basement (and a new shop).  If we make it through the next 6 months we will be married forever:-)

Here are some pictures of the before …..

IMG_2662 IMG_2663 IMG_2664 IMG_2665 IMG_2666 IMG_2667 IMG_2668 IMG_2669 IMG_2670 IMG_2671 IMG_2672 IMG_2673 IMG_2674

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3 Responses to Basement Renovation-Day 1

  1. vanessa says:

    Hi, Kelly

    I tip my hat off to you, you are just one busy lady and I just don’t know how you do it. I can’t wait to see how the basement turns out. What a great space.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Very Silence of Lambs Kelly. You are a sport for living with it like this for this long. I think getting it cleaned up is a great idea no matter what. I’m sure it will be darling!

  3. Its really good to keep you basement look good instead of making it dark ideal room very good work.

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